Fizz, Boom, Read!

The library is bustling with activity this June as we welcome readers of all ages to our summer reading programs.  As we reach the mid-point of the month, here is a recap of our youth activities to date, as well as a look forward at upcoming events. 

Our youngest readers – age three through Kindergarten – have joined us for Fizz, Boom, Read activities on Friday mornings at 10:30 a.m.  Each session is focused on exploring one of the five senses and includes a sensory “experiment” in conjunction with this summer’s science-related theme.

May 30: Who makes play dough with 43 kids? We do! We also explored sense of touch through a variety of sensory activities.

June 6:  Officer Danny Pfannenstiel joined us with his dog, Bailey, for a program on sense of smell. The kids loved the dog as well as an "experiment" with colorful lemon suds.

June 13: What better way to explore sense of taste than with ice cream? Forty-three kids enjoyed the ice cream in a bag experiment presented by Post Rock Extension. 

Up next...sense of hearing and sense of sight.

Grade 1-4
On Wednesday afternoons from 2-3 p.m. you will find the library filled with young scientists! This group is extremely engaged with our hands-on Fizz, Boom, Read experiments. They are also being challenged to complete an experiment at home each week – and keep reading of course!

May 28: Twenty-nine kids kicked off summer reading with a mad scientist party. May 28. They made lava lamps and enjoyed the Mad Science Cafe.

June 4: Our mad science experiments were enjoyed by 40 kids. Chromatography mad scientist eyeballs are on display in the library. Exploding elephant toothpaste (exothermic reactions) and invisible ink messages (oxidation) were also fun for all.

June 11: We took flight at the library with 35 kids for a program on aerospace. Newton's laws of motion and the basics of aeronautics were explored with tennis balls, a parachute, and flying ping pong balls! In addition, we had a fascinating program from local pilot Dick Chandler who shared his amazing model airplanes.

Up next...electricity and wild weather explorers.

Young Adults
“Spark a Reaction” is the theme for our young adult readers this summer. This group is taking on a variety of projects that are both fun and educational on Wednesday mornings. On June 4 they took part in a "Going Viral" activity that explored the science of viral contagions. Crayon art was enjoyed by all on June 11. 

Stop by the library to see what's happening next in summer reading! 

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