Community Room Rules

1. NO smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed.

2. For use by non-profit groups. Other groups will be assessed a $15.00 rental fee.

3. Meals may not be served. (Light refreshments are acceptable)

4. The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to limit the number of meetings held by any one group.

5. Reservations and cancellations will be made with the librarian. A group or individual can not reserve the room for more than three dates in one month. One cancellation is allowed with the ability to reserve another date in the current month but after that, if a cancellation occurs, the group or individual must reserve a date in another month or not reserve the room at all.

6. The person reserving the room will be responsible for picking up and returning the key to the library and will supervise the activities in the room.

7. Groups meeting and serving refreshments will provide own utensils, coffeepots, etc…

8. The library will not be responsible for injury or loss of property.

9. Persons reserving the room will be responsible for cleanup, including removal of trash. If not properly cleaned, a $10.00 fee will be charged.

10. Donations will be accepted to defray utility costs. The library director has the discretion to require a $10.00 fee if the room is used for multiple dates in consecutive months.

11. If the person reserving the room has a current library account all outstanding library fees must be paid before they can rent the room.

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